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Fat Meezy & Da Snowman go way back. Already in the process, they are cooking up something special for this mixtape. Investing only 5 bucks to make a mixtape cover! Bringing hip hop back to a time when music was fun! The mixtape is called "Meezy And The Snowman"  and is bubbling up quicker then imagined. 

Fat Meezy & Da Snowman first met in middle school. Long time friendship that build into a brotherhood. Showcasing that race, size, and difference doesn't change how music can impact lives and bring people to come together. Through the years these two have been there for eachother in bad times and good which helps form the bond of brothers. To this day they both continue to push, inspire, and motivate one another. Through years of disconnection they always seem too end up where they started, on the microphone..

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Mixtapes, And More!

next up mixtape vol 460
Only 99 Cents!
Collaborations from 2003-2019
Fat Meezy's 3rd album
Featured on #RKC Radio in France.
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City To The Styx Vol 2 (Front Cover)
City To The Styx Vol 2 (Back Cover)
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Fat Meezy - Broken Home (Front Cover)
Fat Meezy - Broken Home (Back Cover)
Fat Meezy - Rivers Edge
Fat Meezy - Webster Underground. Hartford, Ct
Hosted by DJ Wydow
Drk E5 - Webster Underground. Hartford, Ct.
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